Pet Sitting By Stacy     

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Pet Sitting (Companion visits while you are away!)

Pet sitting consists of us coming to your home, checking the perimeter for safety, letting your pets potty, replenishing food and water, administering meds, cleaning messes including litter boxes and then of course play time and/or snuggle time! Then we make sure all are tucked away where they belong and we lock up.  Mail retrieval, light/curtain altering and light plant watering is also available at no extra charge.  Pet sitting for those who are gone longer than 24 hours should be done as follows for the safety and health of your pets:  

Dogs - minimum of 2 visits per day (3 if in crate)

Cats - minimum of 1 visit  every other day

Small Caged Animals - minimum of once every other day

$15 a visit if you are in the radius of 7 miles from me $20 a visit if you are out of the 7 mile radius.

Dog Walking

Do your dogs need to burn off some energy?  We will come to your home and walk your dog(s)!  We will walk up to three small/medium or 2 large dogs depending on their energy level.

$15 for 20 minute/dog walk

Midday Daily Visit

Work long hours?  This is the service for you!  We will come to your home between 11am - 3pm to let your dogs go potty, burn off some energy and replenish water.  After they come in, we'll give them one of their treats (if desired)!  This service is for those who use us a minimum of three times per week Monday - Friday for this service

$15  for 20 minutes within a 7 mile radius from Bay St. Louis.